Sunday, May 18, 2008

Thai food at the park

Hooray! After two weeks and an hour and a half of extreme frustration due to a loss of internet connectivity, I have internet access in my apartment!! This is very exciting seeing as I was dying from having to walk to the office to do something as simple as get on facebook. Literally dying. But all is well and I can now get on whenever the heck I want to. What a beautiful thing. An even more beautiful thing is that I was able to catch up on the NCIS episodes I missed the past few weeks. It made my week!

So tonight, a big group of us went about half an hour north to Bothell, WA (where the one single guy in our group is from) and went to a Thai restaurant. I already can't remember the name - crud! But there were 10 girls and 1 guy. Kimber jokingly said that Bryan should introduce himself and say he's from Texas. At first I got a little defensive because I thought she was just raggin' on Texas like people always do, but then I realized she was referencing the polygamist colony scandal from a few weeks ago. So, no bad-mouthing of Texas occurred - just the polygamists who happen to reside in that great state. Anyway, we decided to get the food to go so we could get to the park before the sun set. They took forever getting our food to us, and then we realized when we had driven 20 minutes to the park that they didn't give us any rice! And seeing as I got curry, there was no way I was going to eat it without rice. No way. So, two people went back and got the rice and life was good. But back to the restaurant. One of the hostesses had a shirt with something written in Thai and Kimber and I were trying to decide what it said. She thought it just said Welcome, but I decided it said: Kiss Me I'm Thai. Not nearly as catchy as Kiss Me I'm Irish, but I figure they had to work with what they had. When we were leaving Bryan was being very impatient with us because we stopped for some pictures and someone told him to be patient, to which he replied, "No. The sun's not going to be patient!" (we wanted to see the sunset at the park) It was pretty funny.

So, we went to this great park. When we got there, there was this huge willow tree and a very cute proposal setting under it. Some guy had put down some sleeping bags or something and covered them with rose petals and lit candles right under the willow tree. It was so cute! I wanted to sit at the bench right behind it and watch the proposal play out, but no one else thought it would be a good idea. I told Bryan to take notes for his future wife cause it was so cute. That was when we got to a table and realized our lack of rice. So while we waited for it to arrive, we went walking on the cute little boardwalk that went out over the lake. It was really pretty and peaceful. There were supposed to be turtles, but all we saw were three mallards. At one point I heard the water against the shore and I automatically thought of alligators. It is weird to me that there aren't alligators in the water up here. Cause definitely there are at home. Brittany, who is from Houston, thought the same thing. Anyway, the park was really relaxing and beautiful and it was a very nice way to spend the evening.


Ashley said...

There are alligators in texas! ?! =)

Rachel said...

Also yea for the curry! And the alligators. I still think that everytime I'm near the water in the cayon or somewhere like that. Don't think I'm lame for commenting on every single thing you post. I'm going through some rachel withdrawals. I can't believe it's going to be 2 years until you're back here again. by the time you're back I'll probably be cutting hair and 7 months pregnant! Ok, maybe not quite that far along. Also I started going to a dance class and it made me think of our semester of jazz together. (Sorry for the novel!)

Vavich Of Hearts said...

I think that was very cool speeking she is my aunt