Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tulip Fest!

On Saturday, a lot of the girls drove an hour north of Seattle to go to the Tulip Fest. It was basically just fields and fields of tulips - very Netherlands and Holland - esque. It was absolutely gorgeous! I think they had about 40 different varieties of tulips. We went the second to last day that they were open, so a lot of the flowers had already had their heads cut off and were re-plowed or something, cause I'm sure there would usually have been a lot more than there were. But there were still a lot and I loved it! Unfortunately, it was raining and cold. I had my little jacket, but my hands were definitely completely numb by the time I went inside (and by inside I mean a big shack/barn kind of a thing with tarps spread over the top and sides). Also, because it was raining all day - I mean, it is Seattle - the ground was SO muddy. Luckily, my shoes had fantastic traction, so I only slipped once and it wasn't bad at all. But pretty much all the girls I was with had cute shoes on that had absolutely no traction and they were sliding all over the place. Two of them, Danielle and Rhea, decided to just take off their shoes and walk barefoot in the mud. It was pretty messy. They got bags from one of the shops to wrap around their feet for the drive home. Again - I was VERY glad to have good shoes. It was really sad though, cause I definitely saw a couple of older people completely fall down in the mud.

Anyway, here are some of my favorites of the pictures I took that day:


Rachel said...

I bet it was amazing!!! I've been wanting to go to the one at Thanksgiving point for a while, but never made it.. Also, where's a video camera when you need it?? (For all the people falling down!-- Just kidding, it's something Ned would have said)

Ashley said...

Rach!!! what's up! it's your long lost old roommmate ashley! He email me at so i can add your email! Im so excited you have a blog so we can keep in touch! love the title!