Thursday, June 7, 2012

Everything I Need To Know I Learned In Band, Part 1

Marching band. Concert band. Four years of blood, sweat, tears, and pain. Incredible joy and crushing disappointment. Pride. Mostly, it was four years of learning how to succeed, learning how to work, and developing incredible friendships. I learned so much. 

Being in band in high school has had such a huge impact on my life. I literally cannot go a month without having some kind of band-related dream. The content is always slightly different, but always anxiety provoking. I either have to learn a whole marching show in one day, lose my instrument and have to go on a mad search to find one, show up at region auditions only knowing one of the three songs, decide to switch instruments right before a contest, etc. These dreams are so stressful! And they make me miss playing and being in band SO much!

Oh how I do NOT miss wearing that wool uniform. 

But that's beside the point. The point is that I have a work party tomorrow. My sister is coming with me (because "significant others" are encouraged to attend. I am the only one without said "significant other," so my awesome sister is coming with me). I have a client just before so I won't be able to drive there with Sarah. She'll have to get off work and meet me in League City before we go. Which means we might be a bit late. I was a little worried about it. Then, I remembered this piece of wisdom I learned my first year of being in band...

Each year, marching band practice started two weeks before school started in the Fall. Last week of July we'd start waking up at 7 to get to practice at 8 (I think - it has been almost 8 years since my senior year). We'd be in the Texas heat and humidity of July/August for 4 ish hours, have an hour and a half off to go home, eat, and shower, and then come back for the same amount of time of practicing the music inside. I never once put on sunscreen for all that time outside in the sun. And I never once got burned. I still wonder HOW that happened. We all had beautiful tan lines on the ankles, thighs, arms, and neck. Somehow, as grueling as it was, I LOVED summer band!

The last Friday before school would start, we'd have the band pool party.  Our fearless leader, Mr. Koch, would talk to us when we all came together for announcements at the end of the day. This is (not verbatim, but close) what he would tell us about the pool party:

"I know we are all excited about the pool party tonight. All you Freshman, eager to please, wanting to make a good impression, new to the game, will probably show up 5-10 minutes early. Sophomore's, you've got a year of this under your belt, you're a bit more confident, you know you can take it a little slower, and you'll all be there right about on time. Juniors, you know what it's all about, you're cool, you've got a reputation of knowing how to take it easy; you show up about 10 minutes late. Seniors, you're the one's everyone looks up to, you know you've got better things to do than be on time to a party, you know how to grace everyone with your presence and you know the importance of making a grand entrance - you'll be there 15-20 minutes late."

Here is most of the Senior Class of 2005 at Medieval Times on our trip to Dallas. 
Mr. Koch is on one knee in front. 

I have taken this advice to heart! I used to be late to everything, important or not. Oops! I've since changed my ways and I'm mostly good about being early or on time to important things. But when there are social events, I still like to be there a little late. Cause its just so awkward when you're the first one there! So, I use the wisdom given me through Mr. Koch and marching band, and show up to social events late.

So my work party tomorrow? Though I'm not going to be late on purpose, I am going to let myself not worry about it. Thanks, marching band!

I must also say that my favorite thing about band was meeting my best friend, Malorie.  

 She is the best friend anyone could ever have and I am SO grateful for her!

Without band, we never would have met. In fact, we met in the band hall!

These pictures of Malorie and I were all taken just before I went to college at BYU. We had to get a picture with my car, the "Lovell Land Yacht" - it was infamous among the band while my siblings and I were there. 

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