Friday, June 1, 2012

Graduation Reminiscing

People are graduating all over the place here in Houston. I drove past a graduation, called a client during a graduation, saw that Reliant stadium is hosting 4 graduations this weekend, and have seen tons of graduation excitement on facebook recently. All of this reminds me of my graduation last August. I never posted pictures anywhere, so here are some of my favorites from that glorious event.

I do love that Cougar. 

Aw. My family, minus Becca. 

Shoes? who needs em?

I'm a little spunky sometimes. ;)

Nice photobomb, bro!

The world is MY campus. I just need more money to travel it. Wanna help? 

Go forth to serve? Sounds like a plan! 

Wish that camera was mine. 

This place was my haven Senior Year. Would not have survived without the wonderful friends I made in this room. And I learned so much to help with being a therapist now. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity I had to work in the coding lab!


Strike a pose!

Did I tell you about the time when I walked in the JFSB fountain? No? Well, I did! SO much fun! 

I was a little afraid of slipping, but I survived. 

I LOVE that top! I had to show it off. 

Hehe. :)

Cute little footprints. 

Love this picture. 

And love my sister!!!

Me and the Y. Somehow in 4 years I never hiked the Y. Sad story, huh? 

Sarah pulled a face before me! It's a miracle!

But I fixed that quick. And seriously? Impressive lips, Sarah!!! 

So there you have it. I graduated. It was thrilling. Then 10 days later I started grad school in Houston. And now, 9.5 months later I'm doing my internship and seeing clients and acting like an almost grown up. WEIRD!!!!

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